COVID-19 Updates and Guidelines

Westfield School Openinging Guidelines--SORIS

Westfield Day School Opening Guidelines--Dept. of Health

Order to Close--March 2020

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 202.4 signed by the Honorable Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York: 

"Every school in the state of New York is hereby directed to close no later than Wednesday, March 18, 2020, for a period of two weeks, ending April 1, 2020. The state shall reassess at that time whether to extend such closure beyond this date and may continue to suspend the 180 day instructional requirement."

The Westfield Day School, acting in compliance with this order, as well as the directives of the New York State Office of Nonpublic Schools with regard to continuity of education for its students, is currently holding regular instruction online as well as maintaining support services to students and parents through telecommunication.

If you have any questions regarding this temporary building closure, the current program or for admissions, please feel free to contact the school by phone, or email.


Peter M Schoenholtz, LCSW


Pam Heldman, MS, Ed.

Assistant Director for Administration