Westfield’s philosophy is based on certain naturalistic assumptions about human development. For example, accepting help from others comes easily to children as does their desire to help others in need. Moreover, we believe that when they are in a trustworthy, supportive environment, children tend naturally to uphold universal moral and pro-social values for the betterment of themselves, each other, and their community.

Westfield's philosophy values human diversity and the importance of accepting human differences. We support our students in their individuality and encourage them in turn, to value what we have in common, despite our differences.

The ability to value others and to be valued by others in this way helps a child to develop a more accepting view of themselves even if they may struggle with learning, emotional, or other challenges. We view this kind of self-acceptance as creating an optimal condition for personal growth and development.

We have found that in our natural, normalizing, supportive environment, students are enabled to find their personal strength and the motivation to overcome educational and personal challenges in school and in their lives.